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[Wamore style] column dealing with Japanese pattern interiors

🌸I want you to remake the kimono you have

It is possible to remake your precious kimono or obi and make it into your desired interior product. First, we will send you an order sheet asking for your desired product, size, design, etc. At that time, if you can send us a picture of the item, we will send you a rough image based on that picture. After that, we will confirm the quotation and after payment, we will send you the product and start producing it.
​*Currently, we have stopped producing custom-made products. I am sorry.

🌸I would like the product I purchase to be a gift.

​You can purchase products at the online shop, but due to shipping reasons, we are currently unable to provide wrapping.

🌸Are the colored kimonos you use secondhand?

Most of the products produced by Wamoa Style are remade second-hand items. We carefully select the products we receive from kimono shops and fixed costume rental shops, and pay close attention to the process of commercializing them.

🌸Do you have any products made with new fabrics?

​Some of our products use new fabric for the lining, etc., but most of the kimono parts are made using second-hand kimono. At Wamoa Style, we rarely use new kimonos because we want to bring out the dormant kimonos and incorporate them into our daily lives.

🌸Do you buy the kimono you already own?

​We are very sorry, but we do not accept purchases from the general public.

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