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​Fabric panel

Whether you hang it on the wall or lean it against the wall, it will create a great impression in your room.
Fabric panels that change completely
Unlike the frame, it is made of fabric, so
You can enjoy the color and detail of the embroidery depending on the viewing angle.
It goes very well with ornamental plants, creating a luxurious and solemn atmosphere.
We offer a modern Japanese space.

​Cushion cover

Finished in a modern style by using a single color on the colored fabric.
I made a cushion cover.
If you place it as a one-point accent on a sofa or chair,
It creates a special and different atmosphere.
There is a zipper on the back, so
You can freely change the cushion inside.


By making full use of the gorgeous pattern of the bridal gown,
I made a tapestry.
When hung on the wall, it has an overwhelming presence and creates a very luxurious space.
The upper and lower support rods are removable, and depending on the size,
It can also be used as a table runner.
This tapestry has a colored pattern that is as beautiful as possible.
It is designed so that you can see it,
The color of silk is bright and the color changes depending on the angle.
This product makes full use of the detailed embroidery.


We created a partition with a luxurious Japanese modern atmosphere.
The fittings are also handmade and go well with the colored pattern.
Finished in a jet black color that stands out.
Not only does it function as a partition, but it can also be used as a background or decoration for your room.
By using it as a background, it creates a very modern Japanese atmosphere overall.
In addition, the fabric part can be removed, so
You can also have fun playing dress-up.

This partition uses fittings to make use of the colored pattern, so
The color of silk is bright and the color changes depending on the angle.
This product makes full use of the detailed embroidery.

​Picture element

I used the gorgeous colored fabric of the bridal gown as a picture element.
Where is the frame that is just the right size while preserving the splendor of the gorgeous embroidery?
It is also stylish to decorate. Hang it on the wall or place it on a shelf,
The direction in which you decorate is up to you. In addition, the entrance, toilet,
Display it in your favorite small space to give it a new look.


We created a chest with a luxurious Japanese modern feel.
The main body of the chest is a jet black color that stands out,
The colorful patterns and patterns of Irouchikake really stand out.

The fabric inside can be removed from the part where the door is opened, so
​You can also enjoy it like changing clothes.



​Japanese traditional arts&crafts

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If you are looking for a fashionable style that incorporates Japanese patterns into your interior, please use [Wamore Style], which sells only one limited edition item in the world. The Japanese pattern used is carefully selected, and the unique color and embroidery of silk are vivid. The Japanese pattern and interior are very compatible, and we have received many inquiries from tourists from both Japan and overseas. We also accept custom-made products, so if you want to enjoy a modern space that combines modern interior style with Japanese-style materials, please take this opportunity to purchase it.

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