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Creating interior goods using colored IROUCHIKAKE KIMONO|WAMORE STYLE


​Japanese traditional arts&crafts

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Bringing the beauty of kimono into your daily life in a subtle way.
Interiors made from kimonos, which are now known as ``wearable art''.

By incorporating it into your daily life, you can create a spiritually rich Japanese atmosphere.

It can add elegance.

We carry the kimono that we keep in our chest of drawers and the colorful kimonos that can only be seen at weddings.

I thought it would be possible to experience more of that beauty and make use of it in my daily life.

We have decided to produce and sell accessories and interior goods that are remakes of kimonos.

The unique color and fineness of silk threadThe embroideryVery great,It is said to be the highest quality kimono in particular.

Products made using ``irouchikake'' take advantage of its splendor and are suitable for modern times.To complete the design,

Each piece is handmade and made using the finest materials.

The brand “和鶴彩|WA-KAKU-SA” was created using Irouchikake.

`姫華|HIME-KA'' brand has cute patterns such as regular kimono, long-sleeved kimonos, small patterns, black tomesode kimono, etc.

All of our products, from gorgeous and gorgeous patterns to those with cute patterns, are created with all our heart.
Please take a look.

Produced from a single piece of IROUCHIKAKE KIMONO


Can be worn by the bride-to-be​

Highest rank in kimono

​I made it using "irouchikake".


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What is IROUchikake?

"IROUchikake" is one of the wedding dresses worn by brides, and is called the "first dress" of kimono.

It is said that the case is the highest.

It features a wonderful pattern expressed by the unique color of silk and the weave of embroidery.

The patterns are on the entire kimono, most of which are embroidered.

Each design has its own meaning and origin.

The IROUCHIKAKE on the left colors the four seasons of the "crane" that prays for longevity.

"Sakura", "Pine", "Chrysanthemum", "Peony"

I wish you happiness all year roundThe wish is put.

​ Thoughts on the product

Irouchikake, which is used in product manufacturing, is basically made by the bride-to-be.

I was let go once​We remake kimonos and make them into products.

Irouchikake is known for its unique silk color and splendid embroidery.With the years

Find the goodness and carry the happiness of the bride-to-be.

With this in mind, we deliberately choose second-hand items for our interior products.

​In addition, in order to make the most of the pattern, we carefully select the parts that will be used in the product.

We make sure to check before cutting and sewing.

Produced from a single IROUCHIKAKE KIMONO piece, fabric panel and cushion cover.

Information on recommended products

We created fabric panels, cushion covers, etc. from a single "IROUCHIKAKE".

In addition to the products you are viewing, we also have products with various patterns.

Please take a look.

You can purchase your favorite products from our online shop.


Cushion Cover


fabric panel

​M size


Cushion Cover
fabric panels and cushion covers


fabriback panel

L size


2-piece set JP¥65,000

Fabric panel L size
Fabric panel L size


Cushion Cover






Tapestry L size
Produced from a single piece of IROUCHIKAKE

慶雲 | KEIUN

Cushion Cover


bed runner


Cushion Cover
cushion covers and bed runner
wine bottle cover


Common kimono such as furisode, komon, black tomesode, etc.

made using kimono

​Interior goods products

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姫華|HIME-KA products

HIME-KA's products include common long-sleeved kimonos, small patterns, black tomesodes, etc.

This is a low-priced product made using kimono and obi.

With a cute pattern and design,

From tourists from overseasIt has been very well received.

Some of them are available at online shops, so please take a look!

*Wine bottle cover


*Multi case

​*Fabric panel

​*Cushion cover


​Japanese traditional arts&crafts

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