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You can create a stylish room with a fabric board (Japanese pattern)!

For custom-made sales [Wamore style] -About fabric boards-

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Fashionably decorate the wall with a fabric board (Japanese pattern)

-Purchase products that leave an impression once you see them at [Wamore Style]-

Why don't you enjoy both Japanese and Western spaces by incorporating a fabric board (Japanese pattern) into your home?


[Wamore Style] aims to incorporate the element of "Japanese" into life. The "WAKAKUSAI-" brand is a remake of Used, and we sell products made by carefully selecting each item.


Even if only one fabric board is displayed on the wall, the Japanese pattern fabric board has a strong impact on the color and design, and makes the room look fashionable. If you are looking for a design that you will never forget once you see it, please use it.

fabric panels and cushion covers

The charm of decorating the fabric board indoors

Fabric boards, which decorate walls with fabrics and textiles as shown in the picture, are one of the interiors for walls, and are often used when you want to easily change the interior.


The fabric board (panel) was originally an interior that originated in Scandinavia, and was born as an item to have fun at home even in the long winter.


Currently, its use in television and magazines is increasing, and it is gradually expanding in Japan. The use as an interior is also attracting attention, and there are various ways to enjoy fabric boards, such as changing boards (patterns) according to the mood and taste at that time, and decorating multiple boards at equal intervals. I have.

fabric panel

If you are looking for a Japanese pattern fabric board for home use or as a gift [Wamore style]

-Leave custom-made sales-

[Wamore Style], which handles Japanese-patterned fabric boards, accepts custom-made requests from various customers, both individuals and corporations. We have a wide variety of colored uchikake that can only be seen at weddings, so you can choose your favorite design from them and accept custom-made sizes. We are looking forward to consultations on collaboration and tie-ups as well as for home use and gifts. Please feel free to contact us.

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