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If you want to make your bed throw (Japanese pattern) fashionable

Products using Uchikake sold by [Wamore Style] -Attractiveness of Bed Throw-

HOME[Wamore Style] column dealing with Japanese pattern interiors >  If you want to make your bed throw (Japanese pattern) fashionable, you can buy a product using Uchikake sold by [Wamore Style] -The charm of bed throw-

If you are looking for a fashionable design with a bed throw (Japanese pattern), use Uchikake [Wamore style]

If you are looking for a bed throw with a Japanese pattern design, please leave it to [Wamore Style], which proposes an interior that suits your room.


Depending on the request from individual and corporate customers, we can handle size specification and build-to-order manufacturing from about 100 Uchikake. Uchikake is so high-class that it is said to be the "first dress" among the wedding kimonos worn by brides, and is characterized by beautiful weaves and patterns of colors and embroidery.

We have received many inquiries about Japanese-patterned bed throws for guest rooms such as inns and hotels. If you are thinking of a stylish interior that combines Japanese and Western styles, please give it a try.

Bedroom made from a single colored piece

The charm of "Bed Slow" that makes the guest rooms of hotels and inns look more luxurious

A long cloth hung at the foot of the bed in the guest room of the hotel at the destination ... Bed throw is an item that was born considering the possibility of lying down with shoes on the bed overseas, which is mainly for living on foot. ..


It is an important item that accents the bed as an interior, but by choosing the color and pattern in consideration of the balance with the white sheets of the bed, you can create a luxurious appearance in the entire room. Among the bed throws, monochromatic colors such as red, blue, and green make the indoor atmosphere look elegant, but by intentionally making the bed throw design "Japanese pattern", it is suitable for tourists visiting Japan. It is also possible to provide a "special feeling".


The Japanese design has vivid colors and is a work of art rather than a bed throw. Why don't you use the Japanese pattern when preparing a bed throw in your room?

Bedroom made from a single colored piece

With [Wamore style] products that sell Japanese pattern bed throws and cushions

Creating a unified room

The Japanese pattern bed throw is useful not only for the message that "bed make-up has been completed", but also when you want to convey the feeling of "polite hospitality" from the hotel / ryokan side to the guests. increase. You can also unify the entire room by matching the same design as the bed throw with the cushion and fabric board design in the room. It is also a great pleasure for guests to be able to carefully observe motifs such as the four seasons of Japan, animals and plants drawn in Japanese patterns.


If you want to arrange the interior with Japanese pattern, please use the products sold in [Wamore style].

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