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[Wamore Style] is responsible for selling and custom-made table runners with Japanese patterns.

~ Table runner size ~

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If you want to buy a table runner (Japanese pattern)

Selling only one limited edition item in the world [Wamore Style]

The table runner (Japanese pattern) is a style that covers a part of the table unlike the tablecloth. Therefore, attention is often paid to decorativeness rather than practicality, which is useful when you want to change the atmosphere of the room.


There are various types of table runner patterns, but if you are looking for a Japanese pattern, please use [Wamore Style], which handles products made by cutting and sewing the bride's wedding kimono "Uchikake". We will check every detail to make the best use of the pattern of Uchikake, and provide items suitable for only one limited item in the world.

table runner

Is it okay to be free? About the size of the table runner

Table runners generally have both ends hanging down when laid in the middle of the table.


It is said that the best length to hang down is about 15 cm to 35 cm from the edge of the table, but you can use a size narrower than the table width to give a tightening effect, or dare to use a tablecloth that is almost the same size as the table width. There are various ways to choose the size and coordinate, depending on the person.


If you are looking for a unique and unique table runner in the world right now, please contact [Wamore Style].

If you are thinking of making a table runner (Japanese pattern) to order

To [Wamore style] that sticks to "Japanese"

If you are looking for a Japanese pattern table runner, please contact [Wamore Style]. We value the time and space we spend in our "Japanese" style, and we are introducing a new way to use Uchikake for interior decoration. The table runners that are actually sold have a gorgeous and luxurious finish with individual embroidery patterns and designs. Even if the size is short enough to fit inside the table, the Japanese pattern has a luxurious finish, so it will not lose its presence.


[Wamore Style] is available for custom-made table runner (Japanese pattern) size, so please use this opportunity.

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